Vodka Morava






We make the finest vodka this side of Eastern Europe, We start with the purest Mountain Spring fed well water to ferment the finest ingredients, Right here in Angels Camp, CA. Using a custom designed still, designed by Master Distiller Rocky Cozzo.  The proprietary still design actually distills the vodka 100′s of times then we triple filter the spirit which removes all the impurities resulting in an award winning Vodka. The Vodka is made in a style that combines the smoothness of Ukrainian style vodka with the sweet flavor of the Moravian vodkas.  In case your wondering Moravia is the eastern part of  the Czech Republic. The resulting beverage has a delicate sweet flavor that is rich in texture and like silk on the tongue, with none of the burn of many less refined vodkas. This vodka is easily enjoyed straight up at room temperature but you can also use as a smooth mixer, we wont mind.  Take Care and stay tuned for more releases. Our Current Awards Are A gold Medal from the Micro liquor awards in Beverly Hills and a Bronze from San Francisco Spirits Competition. More to come! More Morava History Here

We are also getting ready to release our newest Vodka made from corn, Vista Vodka Stay tuned to find out where you can find it.

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